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Full Throttle Lift

In 2006, Rip decided to leave a career of 20 years at an injection molding company. He knew that by offering better service and quality working equipment, he could make a name for himself in the equipment rental business.

That has been our philosophy ever since. 

Honesty, quality and service.

Full Throttle Lift Rip's Signature
Rip has been a mechanic his whole life and his passion is racing sprint cars. Rip has become a well known driver and was inducted in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 2009 and now has his 3 sons involved.
Alfredo has been with Full Throttle since 2008 and with Rip for 20 years.
Logan, Rips youngest son started with Full Throttle in 2016.
He left a promising career as an iron worker and is here to help our company grow.
At Full Throttle we take pride in serving our community and our customers.
If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.